Mind Says What You Know

Mind says of the body
You cannot leave me alone with this creature;

I’m caught in the middle
Of the two at war;
I am wasted by their rage.

The light is less
What I am,
Where I am,
But how I am
To live
With and through
This natural war on reason
With you and everybody else.



Dedicated to the individual, “unique, just like everyone else.” —S. M.

Might I be monstrous
To walk upright, know not what I am?
Bark at offense and longing?
Fang pleasure while teething morality?
Meet insanity seeking equanimity?

Might I be human without monster
To know what we are
And seek to amend it?

Might I evolve, or be lost, if to seek is to recognize failure in the art of living?