Advice To Hungry Changing Creatures Who Can Read Advice

Your will is not the way;
Hardly yours.

Trust in yourself to find what is yours;
Trust in others showing, finding;
Take the will that wills to give.

Give it back;
Are every thing and non-thing that concerns you.

Don’t give up.


Put Down The Lotus

Took for teachers
Mounds of stolid dust;

Crying to be born,
They came in my idleness,
Hunting soul, leaving ideas.

I cracked their spines;
The brain vault opened,
The boy folded in;

Practiced power of self-control
Extinguished tears:
Passion tranquilized.

Dreamt mountains
I could feel without dreaming
From under this roof;

Learned the earth
Drunk with blood
As you with your wine,
Laughing in the sunlight:

Yes you’ve been in love,
Yes you’ve been in doubt:
Only thoughts, now.

Those burning, screaming fire,
They are burned again;
Walk, stumble, run into flame:
What are they?

Took for teachers
Mounds of stolid dust;
Lessons in feeling, they couldn’t teach me.

Drunk in the sun
With love and dreamt mountains.
Soul and ideas
Flowered the brain vault
With phantom peace:

Hey, put down the lotus;
Wake up.