Astral, Traveling


Spirit, A Found Word For It

Gods & Fire & Shit

The Kid’s Smart

Mind Your Brain


Divided Race To Nowhere

All Time

Take Me Home

Under Mountains Into Ocean

Bumper Sticker Wisdom

Between The Ears

Memoirs of Amnesia

Great Big Problem/Test/Chore

Astro Negative Sometimes

Grownup Laughing

I’m Here

Laughing, As He Said It

“the soul / is an onslaught”

Jim Morrison

Stupid Question

Art History

Best Things Through


Birth In Philosophy / Minding Life


I Am The Will

Lopped At Both Ends

Mad Cow(s)

Mind Says What You Know

Crying Death In The Way

Why It’s So Confusing, Mind You

Advice To Hungry Changing Creatures Who Can Read Advice

This Is It

Growing Pains

Young Man’s Twilight

Budding Pain A Renewal


Said The Old Man Who Wouldn’t Let Me Pass Him By Unaware

Reaping Blades Of Sunny Grass

Lon Chaney

Today Is My Birthday

August Kindling

You Want It Simple

Beauty That Breaks

Living Dead Voice Of Procrastination

Fools Lot Accepted

Says Anybody


Headache At The Smithsonian

Lust Beyond Reason

Running Late Not Blind

Unless Fate

Put Down The Lotus

Too Truthful?

Men Are Shooting Stars

Joke’s On Us

Monkey Business

Back Pain

Vending Machine Mantra


Says Nature And That Kept Bloody History Of Ours


Old Creed Fires Starry Youth


Dead Sucker With A Poem On His Lips

Why Do You Care What They Did?

Youth For Dimes (Pushing Through Centuries)

War With The Poem

All We Know

Rain All Day

The Horror-Filled Peace

Ancient Injunction, Born In The U. S. A.

Your Great Big Infinitesimally Small Life

It’s Easy Enough

Deathbed Blues

Last Poem

Death Comes

Fire And Ice


This Inspiration

Thought Coming And Going

I Advise Me

Artaud Ceases To FloatPillars