Headache At The Smithsonian


Nature’s titans,
Gargantuan earth-shakers on the roam;
Wanted nothing, left bones.

Roaming creature of reason;
Less mass but gifted with
Gargantuan consciousness;
With torturous thought that,
Like a hand become a fist fit for blows,
Attacks unknown;
Walled of mind
Behind the walls of his things,
Defines and protects desire.

Of Nature,

Like dinosaurs,
Receives, heeds the call to
Eat and fuck and keep it up;
Why is no thing
When calculating the answers to bitter need.

Unlike dinosaurs,
Torturous thought inward born—
Having attacked itself
Demands now additional sacrifice.

Unlike dinosaurs,
Reeks of inborn tyranny,
Superficial dominion fraught with unnatural demands
Too big for the Earth.

Of Nature,


Walking, thinking
Torturous thoughts:

Our design and gift tending destruction,
Are we a born death wish from the heart of our Mother?

Our design and gift tending destruction,
Our desire Her desire wishing death from the core?

Are we a born fruitless death wish from the heart and core of our Mother?

Perennial fists of bitter need wrenching gifts from the open-palmed Earth—
That our nature?
That the drive in our mind?


“Sing sorrow, sorrow: but good win out in the end.”