Music Reviews

Soft Skin, by Cosmetics

Children of the Bacchanal grow in the Garden of Love.

She’s wanting, no doe in the Debauch, playfully untying with a ballerina’s grace those knots of the bound heart, evoking an image lost and found of love that is two soft pink dancers vis-à-vis—a Queen pursuing half a heart into full-bodied symmetry.

Nico’s vocals on “Soft Skin” ravish a lush red carpet trampled by florid feet on the gilded floor of Intrigue’s ballroom—a harmony that is pure pleasure.

Dancing over Love like Death, Soft Skin (2010) sounds a wanton invitation: beats are a rubied diadem for the heart’s coronation, and the ears, they are the evening free of burden.

Dance. Rise by beats like a curved beckoning finger.

Dance to the degradation that is an age whose biggest fear is that NO ONE WILL BE WATCHING.

Dance to the beat that is one heart leaving the Self, an empty room, for Love, the ballroom of the world.

Dance a little old dance with Cosmetics.